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Story of American Airport

Incident on American airport with the Brazilian Businessmen

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A Story About Nations Unity


Story of American airport and A businessmen, long time ago.

All passengers are searched at American airports.

Like the people of the whole world are thieves and only Americans are proud.

A long time ago, a businessman who came to America from Brazil saw this situation.

It is quite disturbing that every person is being searched by taking off his tie, hat, shoes, socks, etc.

They were very upset to see such a situation, there were long queues.

He had never seen such a sight of the searcher before.

When it was his turn, the immigration officer ordered him to remove his shoes and other belongings.

He refused to believe it. Immigration officers took his passport and stamped it.

That person caught the next flight and came back to Brazil from there.

Now he called a press conference and told the whole story to the people of the country.

This press conference created a storm.

The Brazilian government called the American ambassador to investigate, which the United States described as a routine action.

This is how the matter went in Parliament.

The Parliament decided that any American who entered Brazil should be searched in detail.

This law came into force the next day.

The US government strongly protested this

Brazil replied very nicely that this is our usual practice.

And from 2002 to 2006, Brazil was the only such country in the world.

Where only one country’s citizens were searched at the airport and that country was America.

America finally sent an apology letter and then the series ended.

This is the story of the American Airport

This is called A Free Nation

The greatness of a free Nation

Unity of the Nation

Such words and such events work to shake the conscience of nations

Let alone our ordinary citizens, senators, and ministers are strip-searched
These jealous people are such slaves of America that what is the Assembly?

They do not have the courage to speak against this evil even in their own homes

As a Nation and country, we also have to think about who we are selecting.


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