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Wife needs Energy

Feed your wife energy-rich foods

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Be sure to feed your wife needs energy foods like Organic eggs, pistachios, and almonds


This is a Joke or an Example your wife needs energy, A woman leaving the bank remembered that she had forgotten her car key in the bank.

He went back and asked everyone, but there was no key in the bank.

Searched the wallet again.


The key was left in the car!

Rushing to the parking lot, the car is missing!

Called the police and gave the number of the car and admitted that the key was left in the car and that the car was stolen.

After regaining some composure, with a beating heart, he called his husband the most difficult call of his life and told him about it.

The vehicle has been stolen.

Husband roared from here!!!

I came to drop you off, you didn’t go in the car.

Thanked God and she asked her husband to come and take me.

Husband said:

Let me go, first let me assure the police that I didn’t steal your car.”

I am punished like a chicken 

So brother if

To avoid such trouble, do not eat fruits, honey, dates, desi ghee, and olive oil alone.

Rather, feed your wives in addition to yourself.


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