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Bradford University, Imran Khan

Imran Khan and Pakistan, Bradford University and Imran Khan as A Chancellor.

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Our job is to write the truth.


Bradford University is one of the famous universities in the UK

It is among the 50 largest universities in the world and the top ten universities in the UK

In 2005, the university needed a chancellor – more than 100 scholars and business management authorities from around the world were invited.

Most of them were British, American, and German scholars.

Only one person from Pakistan and India was invited to this list

Before the selection, the German scientist was considered to be the strongest candidate for the Chancellor’s appointment

But the whole story took a new turn at that time. When the debate on “Talent” Leadership “Modern Studies” took place, the Pakistani candidate outshone all other participants.

In this hall, all the directors and officials of the University of Bradford gave a standing ovation and were forced to clap.

Then the German scientist came to this Pakistani scholar and said:

you are more qualified than I am for this post


A majority of the cabinet members chose this Pakistani scholar – and were asked, “Tell me how much you will be paid?”

This scholar of Pakistan said the historical sentences:

I have not come here to do business


And he said that education and money cannot compete with each other

I come from a country where people do not have basic education facilities

Our rich people go to other countries of the world and get higher education

While ordinary people leave this world with deprivation in their hearts

This is the justification for why the gap between the rich and the poor is expanding

It has been my wish in my life that people of my country who cannot go to other countries to get knowledge

They should get a good education by staying in their own country

Get a good degree like Bradford University

For that, I can join Bradford University if you guys give me

this facility for my country”.


All the officials of the cabinet were shocked to hear this

The majority of officials were against this and replied:

How is it possible that we can give our degree in Pakistan?

The scholar of Pakistan said:

Then why do you want to appoint a person from Pakistan as Chancellor of Bradford?

The matter stopped here and that Pakistani scholar got up and left.


After he left, Chris Taylor told his cabinet members, “Don’t let this man go, he has the potential to do so much.”

A person who is loyal to his country and determined to do something for his country will also do good work and will not be greedy for money.

You should agree with him.


The cabinet called the Pakistani scholar back and said that we have accepted all your conditions.

You can set up Bradford University campus anywhere in Pakistan

The Pakistani scholar has been Chancellor of Bradford University for 9 years. It was the first time since 1986 that a person had been the chancellor of the university for such a long period


Meanwhile, this Pakistani scholar and chancellor built Nimal University in Pakistan

In which the student receiving an education is given the same degree as those who spend lacs of rupees at Bradford University in Britain.

The name of this Pakistani scholar is Imran Khan,

who is known today as Taliban Khan, Hypocrite Khan, Jewish agent, and traitor politician in Pakistan


I see the first hypocrite in my life who does not covet money and a traitor who does not prefer money over his homeland even after leaving the country.



For those in doubt, the link is courtesy of the University of Bradford

Nimal University Affiliated with Bradford University Link-

Bradford University


It means Students living and educated in Pakistan will receive degrees from a top-class British university

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