Internet Speed Test

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Soooo, the Numbers’ meaning could be a little more obvious.

Perhaps you’ve proceeded to run the internet speed test as of now (no judgment here, Irritated Trigger Fingers), or perhaps you’re holding back to see what all the speed test could show you. One way or the other, here’s a fast breakdown of speed test wording:

Here is the Internet Speed Test description 


The ping, measured in milliseconds (ms), is how fast you get a response after sending out a request. It is essentially the reaction time of your connection. The faster your ping, the faster your connection.


What you do online is sent out and received as “data packets” across the internet. Jitter is the delay between when the packets are sent out, and when they are received through your internet connection. Too much jitter could cause a flickering display monitor or poor processor performance. Also measured in milliseconds, you’re generally looking for a Jitter of 30 ms or less.


Download speed is simply this: how fast you can download things (images, pictures, videos, files, etc), from the internet to your computer. It’s measured in megabits per second (Mbps).


Upload speed is the direct opposite! This number shows how quickly you can upload things from your computer to the internet, measured in Mbps as well.

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