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Metaforce Joining Steps

How to Join Metaforce?

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Metaforce Joining 


There are 3 simple Metaforce joining steps.


 Download Decentralized Wallet

If you have Android mobile then you can download the Tockenpocket wallet or Trust wallet from Google Play Store.

If you have iPhone then you can download the Trust wallet from the app store.

Follow the below Step for installation of the Token Pocket.


  1. Download Tokenpocket Wallet from the Play store.


2.  Open and Select Polygyn Network.


3. Click Create Wallet.


4. Set Your Transaction Password and Re-type Password and Click Create Wallet.


5. Click I Got it.


6. Read Carefully and then Accept All 3 options and Click on Next Step.


7. Save and Write your Key Phrase to a safe Place (This is the Recovery key of your wallet.)


8. Now Select your Key Phrase in Order.


9. Now Add DAI Token to Your Wallet.


10. Search DAI coin and Add to Wallet.

Now your wallet is ready for Metaforce.


The next step is Receiving coins for Metaforce Joining. 


  1. Click on DAI


2. Click on Receive.


3. Copy and Share a Screenshot for rechecking.


Send your wallet receiving address to your uplink for Matic and DAI receiving.


you can buy DAI and Matic for your Metaforce joining from Binance or any crypto Exchange.


Here is the Binance Exchange buying method video. 


And when you received DAI and Matic. Copy the Joining Link and Follow the Steps of the Video.

You will Copy your upline or Sponsor link.

This is my link

Joining Link: https://meta-force.space/r/5mJwMaWxRM


Congratulations you are now a member of our community and part of the World’s best online earning system.


If you have any questions feel free to Contact us on WhatsApp: http://wa.me/+923133640660


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