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Overall World Economic Situation

World Economical Situation and Pakistan.

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Now day’s Overall World Economic Situation


Overall World Economic Situation is in trouble Not only the Pakistani Rupee, but the currencies of the entire world are falling against the dollar

Because America has raised the interest rate. Britain, Canada, Australia, and India, all countries’ currencies have fallen

Overall World Economic Situation is constantly falling

In the next few days, the whole world will have a 2008/2009 economic situation

Inflation, lack of employment, food shortage, fewer rains or floods, and storms. Extreme heat and extreme cold

We are making such 33% of this land ourselves

The World Bank has allocated forty-two billion dollars for that

The livelihoods of extremely poor countries and push-start countries can be supported

Imran Khan could not handle such a situation and Shahbaz Sharif can handle it

We have to fend for ourselves

Start today and for the next two years cut out the luxuries and buy only the essentials

Don’t buy expensive and imported phones, neither are Elon Musk nor Jannat Mirza, our work is done by mobile phones.

Ditch provincial baby diapers and use locally made diapers

Use a bike in the city, our petrol is not ours, it comes from outside

Do not let the air condition go above 26

If we don’t buy the clothes of Maria B, Sana Safina, Shinar, Gul Ahmed, etc. for a year, it will not make any difference to our bodies.

Abandon the use of every provincial item in food, drink, clothing, and living and use local items

A national mood of saving has to be created

Free petrol, electricity, travel, accommodation, and treatment of ministers and members of the assembly were not abolished by Imran Khan and this government will not abolish them.

Tax subsidy to billionaire industrialists and real estate tycoons has not been abolished by Imran Khan nor will this government abolish it.

In GOR Colonies, Bath Island, and posh areas of Islamabad, bureaucracy, and judges are all over the place.

Neither did Imran Khan nor will this government

Reducing the non-combat budget of defense is unthinkable

If the government auctions off the gymnasiums, golf clubs, and hundreds of clubs set up for the entertainment of the elite in the middle of the cities.

Privileges of ministers and assembly members should be reduced by 75%.

Inheritance and gift transfers of property should also be taxed, imports should be halved

So the country can avoid economic emergency


Let us all individually do what we can to collectively help solve our economic crisis

So it will be a greater service to the country than if we put up flags, play bulges, etc. on the 14th of August

Consider watching the March 23 parade

Personal sins and shortcomings are resolved by forgiveness and repentance

Collective disorders are then treated by hunger, fear, storms, and wars

Let’s all take a pledge and urge the government to create a clean economy on the model of clean democracy.

And take these steps immediately

A bill should be passed in which only those political parties will be eligible to participate in the elections which will give their economic manifesto

Immediately ban the import of luxury and non-essential goods

To end the shortage of petrol in the country, petrol pumps should be closed for a day except on GT Road

All markets should be strictly closed at 8 pm and generators should not be allowed to run after that

This will save petrol and electricity

State Bank immediately orders commercial banks for domestic customers

Provide loans on easy terms to install solar energy

This will also save foreign exchange and end load shedding

Incentives should be given to the importing industry to reduce the trade deficit and

The atmosphere of the country should be made like this

The confidence of overseas Pakistanis should be restored and they should invest in the country

All unnecessary subsidies should be removed

The facilities of all government employees which are a burden on the treasury should be returned

The salaries of MNA and MPA ministers should be reduced immediately

Technocrats and bureaucrats must be abolished all privileges

In addition to this, every government now needs to stabilize the great country economically, not politically

Rather, one should think as a Pakistani, otherwise, Sri Lanka’s torch is in front of everyone


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