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Pakistan, our homeland is a paradise in the world, but we are the inhabitants of the third world

Pakistan is a paradise, my homeland Pakistan and we the people

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Currently, there are around 250 countries in the world


Pakistan, our homeland is a paradise in the world, but we are the inhabitants of the third world. Why? There are many reasons but we are talking about slight

One of them is such a country

Which is at least 10 times smaller than Russia but whose canal system is 3 times larger than the canal system of Russia.

This country ranks second in terms of production of peas in the world

Apricots, cotton and sugarcane at fourth place

It ranks fifth in terms of onion and milk production

Sixth in terms of production of dates

Seventh in terms of mango production

Eighth in terms of rice production

It is ranked seventh in terms of wheat production and tenth in terms of malt and cane production.

This country ranks 25th in the world in terms of total agricultural production.

Its production of wheat alone is more than the production of,

the entire continent of Africa and equal to the production of the continent of South America.


This country ranks 55th in terms of industrial production in the world.

It is ranked fourth in terms of coal reserves and seventh in terms of copper reserves.

It is on the first line in the use of CNG.

The country’s gas reserves are the sixth largest in Asia


You believe that Pakistan is so beautiful that we can’t imagine, people who roam around

Or if you belong to the upper regions of Pakistan,

you can say with a challenge that no region can be found more beautiful than Pakistan in the whole world.


It is the world’s seventh and Islamic first nuclear power.



It is not surprising that

The name of the country.

Pakistan, our homeland is a paradise in the world, but we are the inhabitants of the third world


This country ranks first in the production of incompetents, unscrupulous, country sellers, and looters.

The people here

Instead of preferring a good, honest and righteous leadership

Again and again, they vote for corrupt and dishonest politicians


Inflation and corruption have been continuously increasing here for the last 65 years

But people vote for the same corrupt families, politicians and their party even if they are hungry

And they are equally involved in destroying the country


May Allah guide us all and allow us to choose capable, religious, and honest leaders.

Who can bring justice by ending corruption in this country and actually make Pakistan the cradle of Islam.

And there is only one solution and that is only those leaderships that are obtained in the name of Islam.

Bring the system of Islam i.e. God Almighty in the country of Pakistan.



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