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A story

Shall we not change?, A story and our reality, Are we still slaves today? What we are as a Nation ?

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A Story and A lesson


A story of The British officers who went back to England after serving in India would not be given the responsibility of public posts there

The argument was that

You have come to rule a slave nation

Which will change your mood and behavior

Here if any such responsibility is given to you

So you will deal with the independent British nation in the same way

Read the following incident with this brief introduction

An English woman whose husband was a civil service officer in India and Pakistan during the British era

Officer’s Family in Hindostan

The lady spent numerous long stretches of her life in various pieces of India

On his return, he wrote a very beautiful book based on his memories


The woman wrote that

When my husband was the Deputy Commissioner of a district, at that time my son was about four years old and my daughter was one year old

We lived in a residence spread over several acres given to the Deputy Commissioner

There were several hundred people who served DC Sahib’s house and family

There were parties every day, hunting programs were organized. The big landowners of the district were proud to invite us to their homes

And whoever we went to would consider it as his honor

Our thoughts were like that

In Britain, the Queen and the royal family could barely afford it


During the train journey, a luxurious coach decorated with Nawabi That was reserved for the family of the Deputy Commissioner.

When we were on the train

The driver, dressed in white, would stand in front of us with both hands folded

And asked for permission to start the journey

The train would start running only after receiving the permission

Once it happened that

As we sat on the train for the journey, as per tradition, the driver came and asked for permission

Train Journey

Before I could speak, my son, who was in a bad mood for some reason, spoke up

He said to the driver

Do not run the train

The driver said while carrying out the order

Which is the order, little sir

After some time the situation was that

The entire staff, including the station master, was begging my four-year-old son


The son refused to allow the train to run


With great difficulty I got permission from my son to drive the train with the promise of many chocolates, then the journey began

A few months later I returned to the UK to visit friends and relatives

We arrived in London by ship

Our destination was a county in Wales to which we had to travel by train

Sitting the daughter and son on a bench of the station, I went to get the ticket

Due to the long queue, there was a delay

On which the child’s state of mind turned out to be extremely terrible

When we sat on the train, the son started expressing his displeasure again seeing the first-class seats instead of the plush compound.

When the train whistled and started the journey, the son started shouting regularly

He was saying loudly

What an owl muscle driver this is

He has started running the train without taking our permission

I will ask papa to get him to punish

It became difficult for me to explain to him that

This is not his father’s district but an independent country

What about the third-rank civil servant like Deputy Commissioner here?

The prime minister and the king also do not have this authority


He can humiliate people to satisfy his ego


Today it is clear that

We must have expelled the British

However, slavery could not be removed from the country

Many are still here today
Deputy Commissioners
Ministers Advisers

They humiliate people for hours on end to satisfy their ego

Traffic Jam

This is the only way to get rid of this slavery

All kinds of prejudices and beliefs should be opposed to every protocol taker

Otherwise, just fool yourself that we are free by hoisting flags and lighting candles on August 14.


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