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Story of Father and Son’s.

A Story and Advise

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Menstruating men


In the Story of Father and son, which is Famous writer and philosopher Munir Niazi tells that once he was sitting with his father. This is a story and advise for which one who wants to educate her kids indirectly.


Father suddenly asked me: “Do you know anything about menstruation?”


I thanked Allah by saying Alhamdulillah in my heart

We can now count our ancestors among those moderate people who can openly discuss all kinds of topics among themselves and in their homes.


Along with that, I also remembered all those past years


Which I spent in the suffocating atmosphere of this house in the fear of my father and with the pressure.


I smiled a little at first and then said: Father, menstruation is the name of a process that almost every young woman goes through once a month.

My Father asked a question again: So what does a woman do in such a situation?


I replied: Father, a woman can neither pray nor fast in this situation.


Now my father’s tone was a bit harsh this time and he said in a harsh tone: Son! This means that there is no difference between you and these menstruating women.


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